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I am Ale Michel web designer specialized in WordPress.

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Hi there, I am Ale Michel!

Web designer specialized in custom WordPress, designing your website from scratch.

I love design, I love programming, and I love WordPress and I am very fortunate to be able to work doing what I like the most, where I like most. I like to transmit this passion for my work on each of my websites, each and every one of them becomes a small achievement and personal pride.

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A little more about me


The million dollar question … I suppose we have to summarize it, so here I go … I’m Alejandra or Ale for friends, although I have like a thousand different nicknames, Mitch, Michel, Weris, etc, let’s leave it in Ale, 100% Mexican although madly in love with Spain (my current home) Graphic designer by profession, web designer by experience .

I am 35 years old (OMG !!!) but well lived, not a regret in life and a lot to continue giving and learning.

As for my professional life, I have more than 11 years of experience as a web designer , I have basically gone through everything, from the hated webs and now useless Flash, even HTML (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … forever and ever !!!) to the much loved and elemental WordPress and the not so loved Prestashop.

Actually at my university (ITESO) my degree is called “Bachelor of Integral Design” this means that they teach you a bit of everything, and in the end you specialize in what you like the most or what you are good at … I was lucky that what I liked the most is also what I am best at! Web Design.

And so I started my professional life with 5 years of university, 1 year of master (in Barcelona) and many online courses that are more for pleasure and hobby than to be named.

Although I started working for large companies in the department of design or marketing (many are not very clear about the difference between one thing and the other!), Later After many years, and a few bosses (some better than Bimbo bread and others not so much!), in the end I decided to make the great and enormous leap to singleness and professional freedom, starting my own business Tekila Design .

So I decided to focus and I specialized in WordPress making it my right hand, my best friend and worst enemy, because let’s see, this is so, one day you love him and the next day you don’t want to know anything about him!, but hey here I am, and here I am, now I can say that I am WordPress expert < / span>, at least as adept as you can be in a program that changes, improves and grows with the blink of an eye, which only makes it more and more exciting.

The truth is that I love what I do, and I like to do it for myself and for me, that I do not have any intermediary between my clients and me, that everything that is said and wants to be done remains between my final client and me. It has cost a lot of organization and thousands of headaches, but in the end I succeeded, now I can say, totally proud and without fear of reaching the dreaded end of the month, that I am Freelance Web Designer! .

So now you know almost everything about me, at least what you need to encourage yourself to start working with me, do not hesitate, write me your idea and let’s see that we are capable of, I assure you that the result will be even better than you expect.

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