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Conditions of Sale

In the case of hiring any of the services, you will have the character of “Client”. In this case, read the following terms and conditions of contract carefully.

Hiring web design and / or online stores

  1. The content of the pages (text, images, etc.) must be provided by the client.
  2. It is the client’s responsibility to have all the rights to use the material they want to include in the project (images, videos, etc.). If the client has problems finding free use material, we can advise him where to find it without obligation
  3. From Tekila Design we keep the right to include images and graphic elements in our portfolio of the project that we carry out for the client. In addition, if the client has asked us to create a website, we will include a text link that points to the Tekila Design website in the footer of each of the pages of the website that has contracted us.
  4. Payment methods:
    1. For projects with an estimated duration of more than one week:
      1. Projects with an amount less than € 2,000: A payment of 50% of the budget must be made when starting work on the project, and the remaining 50% upon completion.
      2. Projects with an amount between € 2,000 and € 3,000: A payment of 50% of the budget must be made when starting to work on the project, a payment corresponding to 25% of the project at half the total stipulated time of the duration of the project and a payment corresponding to the remaining 25%, at the end of the project.
      3. Projects with an amount greater than € 3,000: Consult particular conditions in each case.
    2. For projects with an estimated duration of less than one week (5 business days), or projects that do not work on a hosting owned by Tekila Design, full payment must be made before starting the work.
    3. In both cases (4-1 and 4-2), payments must be made by bank transfer.
  5. From Tekila Design we are committed to meeting the project end dates as long as the feedback with the client is fluid and we have all the material to be able to work. This point is very important, so in the event that there are delays beyond our control, once the time reserved for the project is over, we will move it to the gaps that become free. If within 6 months it has not been possible to complete the work for reasons beyond Tekila Design’s control, we reserve the right to terminate the work and will proceed to invoice the part that has been carried out to date.
  6. Except for agreements explicitly indicated in the budget, Tekila Design always works in hostings of its ownership. The migration of all content to the client’s hosting will only take place when Tekila Design has received the last payment. This migration has no additional cost for the client.
  7. Once the project is finished, the client has a week to check that everything works well (links, buttons, forms,…). Any changes you want to make after that week will be budgeted separately.
  8. We will only design and layout the pages established in the budget, but we will give the client the necessary tools to learn how to add new pages to their website. If the client wants us to layout more pages than initially communicated, they will be budgeted separately. Likewise, once a page has been laid out, no changes will be made to the design, texts or any other content on that page.
  9. For printed jobs, we take care of creating the necessary files for printing, but we do not deal with the printing issue.
  10. Prices do not include taxes.
  11. The quotes are valid for 30 days.
  12. The paid plugins required for the web include updates for one year. During this period, we will send the update file to the client when he requests it and the installation will be at his expense (unless he has contracted our maintenance service, in which case the installation would be carried out by us).
  13. To reserve a project start date, you must advance € 100 of the accepted budget (which will be deducted from the last payment). Once the project start date has been accepted, if for any reason beyond Tekila Design the project had to be canceled, the € 100 of the reservation will not be returned.
  14. For multi-language websites, the client must provide us with the content translations.
  15. On the websites that we create, we will upload up to 5 different elements for posts, products, testimonials, portfolio, as an example (5 posts, 5 testimonials, …). If the customer has more items, we will explain how you can add them. In case you need us to create more items for you, we will budget it separately.
  16. In the case of developing an Intranet, the budget does not include registering users, unless the client has expressly requested it, in which case it will be indicated in the budget in the “extras” section under the title “import users”.
  17. In the case of having requested the creation of a website, from Tekila Design we will take care of checking that it looks good in the Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers, with a maximum of two versions behind the last one. released each. Given the speed with which technology advances, it is almost impossible to ensure correct operation in older browsers.
  18. The legal terms pages (Legal Notice, Contract Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies, etc.) can be created by us with standard texts, but it is the client’s responsibility to review and ensure that they are suitable for your website . From Tekila Design we are not responsible for the legal content of these pages is correct.

The terms and conditions of the contract will be understood to be accepted at the moment the budget is accepted. Therefore, in the event that the client does not agree with any of the points, they have the option of letting us know their disagreement to try to reach an understanding before accepting the budget.

Disclaimer in web works

  1. In partial or complete web developments under the WordPress CMS, Tekila Design disclaims any responsibility for failures derived from updates, security failures, or even misuse by the client, either of the WordPress CMS itself or of anyone of its components that allow its operation (plugins, database, etc.).
  2. For jobs that add extra functionality to the web, such as forms, subscription bars / banners, etc., Tekila Design always makes use of third-party plugins. Tekila Design will only guarantee the correct functioning of the work carried out under the version of the plugin and the version of WordPress to which these works have been carried out.



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